Will Time Really Tell?

I can’t think of a time in my life when more turmoil has been going on. Selling a house, building a house, health scares, my son is about to become a teenager, my daughter is about to drive, ad nauseum. Yet in spite of all of this, life is good. Very good. Or is it?

I was recently discussing this turmoil with an older friend who said something that stopped me in my tracks. He consoled me for having to go through such a difficult time and then said that, in looking back, he’d had similar periods in his life and they were always the worst times for him.

Until he described my circumstances as “difficult” I hadn’t even looked at them that way. But what really stunned me was his evaluation that these situations were the “worst times of his life.” This got me thinking…

How do we really know when a given situation is the “best thing”, the “worst thing” or anything other kind of “thing” that has ever happened to us? Is it obvious? I don’t think so.

Recently one person told me that his three-month-old marriage was the worst thing that ever happened to him. Another told me that getting cancer was the best thing that ever happened to him.