The Trouble with Tolerance – Part 2

When I wrote my rant called The Trouble with Tolerance, I thought I’d gotten it all out of my system.

I was wrong. Here’s the story:

A couple of weeks back, I went to get my hairs cut. Yes, hairs. I can count them now so I prefer to think of them as individuals.


I’m in the chair. The clippers are buzzing. So is everything else.

I’ve been here dozens of times in the past, same chair, same stylist, yet never noticed it before. But today, it’s all I can see. Chaos and distraction are everywhere.

The receptionist interrupts my stylist three times in less than two minutes to ask questions. A moment later, a client stops by and whispers something to my stylist and they laugh. Thankfully, the client soon leaves. But then she remembers something else and returns to interrupt once more.

The stylist next to me is combing some stinky stuff through a client’s hair while cradling his phone to his ear and chatting away. The client doesn’t seem to mind since she’s wrestling with her toddler who is squirming in her lap and trying to kick everything within reach.

Behind me a group of people explode in laughter and two stylists nearby leave their stations and their clients to find out what’s so funny.

In the midst of this chaos, I say to my stylist, “I can’t believe how many distractions are going on around here. Everyone is trying to do two things at once and are being interrupted every minute or two by something. This can’t be good for any of you or your customers.”