The Power of Pretense

“If we want people to behave in a certain manner, we must set the stage and give them a cue.  This is true also when it is ourselves we want to induce.  There is no telling how deeply a mind may be affected by the deliberate staging of gestures, acts and symbols.

Pretense is often an indispensable step in the attainment of genuineness.  It is a form into which genuine inclinations flow and solidify.”

~ Eric Hoffer, The Passionate State of Mind

Here are three quick lessons we can take from Hoffer’s quote:

[sociallocker id=”1846″] 1. Notice, he did not say, “There’s no telling how deeply a mind may be affected by clear communication.” Symbolism, not clarity.

2. He wasn’t talking just about affecting others’ minds in this way, but also our own.  Pretense can be very powerful, in both directions.

3. Those who say we must never lie to ourselves are lying to us.  Sometimes that is exactly what we need to do.

Set the stage for your own life.  Or others will set it for you.