Lost in the Land of Secrets

Want to get better at something? You need to know the secrets. Want to succeed in business as fast as possible? You need to know the secrets. Want to simply be happier or have more fulfilling relationships? Well, you need to know the secrets. And luckily there are plenty of people who are willing to share them with you – for a price. And even better, these people will even discover more secrets for you once you’ve grown tired of the first ones. And should you tire of the new ones? There are always more where those came from.

[sociallocker id=”1846″] The truth is, the importance of secrets in life is greatly exaggerated. Sure, there are some secrets that would probably be helpful, but not many that are essential. Even then, the ones that ultimately matter are rarely secrets you can buy, but secrets you must discover. You may know these secrets by their proper name. They’re called insights. And the best ones cannot be bought. They can only be obtained through effort.

Secrets, on the other hand, can be bought on a credit card and are available for instant download. This is why most people prefer to be lost in the land of secrets. It’s fast. It’s filled with hope. It’s available for a price. And, it’s a cycle that never ends.

But don’t tell anyone this. Apparently it’s a secret.

Originally published January 29, 2005