I think it’s safe to call it now. Life is officially out of control. And it isn’t going to slow down any time soon.

Almost everyone I know is so overwhelmed and stressed out that they can hardly function. What’s truly amazing is, many of them don’t seem to know it. They’re so busy they never stop long enough to see what’s happening to them.

But if you stop and pay attention to them, you’ll see it. And if you stop and take a deep breath, you might even see it in yourself.

I know I did. And ever since, I’ve been simplifying practically every aspect of my life. My work, my relationships, my responsibilities. And this week, my website.

I’ve stripped away everything I could to make it easier for me to maintain, and easier for you to navigate. Plus, since the focus of my site has always been my writing, I wanted my posts to be easier to read as well. Better typography. More white space. Less clutter.

I even replaced my decade-old tagline – Crooked Wisdom: Straight Thoughts on Effective Living in a Defective World – with a simpler one. “I write stuff. Smart people read it.”

To me, that says it all. Plus, it gives me more room to explore other subjects and experiment with other styles of writing. Now, if I can just get the rest of my life to cooperate.