When the Obvious Isn’t So Obvious

I am suspicious of anything that is overly complicated. Whether it is a book, a theory, a religion or just about anything else, I prefer the simple over the complex and the obvious over the esoteric. This is not because I am lazy. It’s because, more often than not, the complicated things in life aren’t complicated because they’re important; they’re complicated to make us think they’re important.

When I look back over my life the ideas that have made the most difference weren’t those that took years to comprehend. They were ideas that took years to appreciate. Big difference. Ideas like: pick your battles, save for a rainy day, you can’t please everyone and don’t zip up your pants in the dark.

Accepting the obvious requires us to accept responsibility as well. Entertaining the complex invites us to shirk responsibility. And shirk it we do.

Of course, we can all appreciate the importance of these “simple ideas” in retrospect. The trouble is we often appreciate them only in retrospect. More often than not we have to pay a terrible price before we appreciate such “obvious” wisdom. Then, we wonder why it took us so long to do so.

How can we be so stupid? Here’s my guess…

We dismiss the obvious and worship the complex because doing so relieves us of any responsibility for our own shortcomings in life. Think about it…