Forbidden Keys to Persuasion

September 10, 2015 – After nearly two years off the market, the Forbidden Keys to Persuasion Class Manual is available once more. At least temporarily.

Why have I brought it back? Well, even after all these years, I’m often contacted by people asking how they can buy a copy and I’m tired of telling them they can’t. So this page is for them. It isn’t intended to be a sales page in any way; it is only meant to offer a place to buy the Forbidden Keys for those who are already interested.

So, if that describes you, you’ve come to the right place. Not only can you buy a PDF version of The Forbidden Keys to Persuasion here, you can get it for just $20. (When I took it off the market in October 2013, it was selling for $97.)

Enough said. If you want a copy, click the button below to get one.

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PS. I don’t know how long I’ll make the manual available so don’t be surprised if this link isn’t here next time you visit.