Behind the Blog

Back in 2006, during a previous incarnation of my site, I implemented something I called Behind-the-Blog. It was just a short, catch-all paragraph or two for certain posts where I’d add some additional thoughts or material that didn’t make it in the final version. Sort of like bonus features or commentary you might find on a DVD. Seems the idea, and the phrase, are fairly common now. But in 06, not too many people were doing it. Anyway…

In reviewing some of my older articles, and some of the new ones I’m working on, I’m finding I want to add a little commentary and/or explanation to some of them. So I’ve decided to bring the idea back.

But this time, to help generate some buzz, I’ll be requiring readers to share the original material before accessing the additional material. After all, if you like something enough to learn more about it, it only seems fair to ask you to help spread the word about it.

If you disagree, no problem. Just ignore any of these links you may find around here. But if you see one and want to learn more about a particular post or article, have at it.